250th Wish Granted! A Wish to sit in the cockpit of a military plane again

Robert, 96 years young, is a 30 year Air Force Veteran who flew missions over Burma, China and the Pacific.  His dream was to once again sit in the cockpit of a plane. As part of our Week of Veterans Wishes, Senior Wishes was thrilled to be able to make this WWII Veteran's wish come true.  He was given the hero's welcome he deserved at the  Niagara Falls Air Force Base, where he climbed in to the cockpit of a KC-135 stratotanker aerial refueling aircraft.  He spent a lot of time sitting there and was amazed at all thebells and whistles the aircraft had.  "I'd have to study for two years to fly this plane!"  Thank you to the men and women at the Air Force Base for making this such a special day for Robert, including the opportunity to fly in a simulator.





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