About Us

Our Story

The Senior Wishes story began in 2013, when ideas were being discussed on how the United Church Home Society might best serve the senior citizen population of Western New York. UCHS, founder of Fox Run at Orchard Park and the United Church Manor in West Seneca, was looking for a program that could bring real value to the aged. Wendy Miller Backman had volunteered with a small wish program years earlier and began describing it to Mike Maloney, CEO of Fox Run Orchard Park and UCHS Inc.  Mike and Wendy began a series of brainstorming sessions and much research and realized that although there were a handful of these wish programs throughout the country, none existed in Western NY.  Mike, having extensive knowledge in the field of aging, felt there was a real need that  Senior Wishes could fulfill. 

Our first wish was granted March 7, 2014 to Grace Festa.  Her wish was to work with a professional photograper who could teach her about lighting, composition and camera operations.  Senior  Wishes partnered with Katie Schneider Photography to make this wish come true. 

Whether it's a simple need or a bucket list wish, Senior Wishes strives to make a difference in the lives of local Seniors.

Our Mission

UCHS is proud to bring a new and unique program to Western New York! Senior Wishes enriches the lives of deserving seniors by granting them a meaningful wish. The goal of the program is to honor and recognize the lifelong contributions of Seniors and promote their quality of life by granting them a wish that brings them joy.